Why You Should Always Call the Police After a Minor Car Accident in Pennsylvania

As an expert in car accident law in Pennsylvania, I have seen countless cases where individuals have been hesitant to call the police after a minor car accident. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of contacting law enforcement after any type of car accident, no matter how minor it may seem. According to C, S, A § 3744, it is mandatory to report a car accident to the Pennsylvania police if the accident resulted in injury or death. However, many people are not aware that this law does not apply to minor accidents where there are no injuries and the vehicles can be moved safely. While it may seem unnecessary to involve the police in a minor car accident, there are several reasons why it is always a smart decision to do so. First and foremost, the police report prepared by the officer on the scene can be used as evidence when filing an insurance claim or pursuing legal action against the at-fault driver.

This report can also be used by your lawyer to support your case and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your damages. Even if you do not believe you have sustained any injuries immediately after the accident, it is still crucial to file a police report. Injuries from car accidents can often appear days or even weeks later, and having a police report on file can help strengthen your case when seeking compensation for medical expenses and other damages. At Berger and Green, we understand that navigating the legal process after a car accident can be overwhelming. That's why our team of experienced car accident lawyers is here to help you every step of the way. We can assist in finding and interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and ensuring that all necessary claims are filed on time. It is important to note that in Pennsylvania, you have five days after a car accident to file a police report if you were unable to do so at the scene.

However, if you contact the police immediately after the accident, they will file a report for you. While this report cannot be used as evidence in a lawsuit against a negligent driver, it can still be a valuable tool for your lawyer to gather information and build a strong case on your behalf. Whether your car accident is minor or catastrophic, it is crucial to report it to the police. Not only does this ensure that all necessary documentation is in place for insurance and legal purposes, but it also helps protect your rights as a victim of a car accident. If you have been involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania, do not hesitate to contact the police and file a report. And if you need assistance navigating the legal process and seeking fair compensation for your damages, our team at Berger and Green is here to help.

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